The various test services offered under the Testing-as-a-Service umbrella have been carefully defined and designed to provide our customers with high-value bundled services on a pay-per-use or outcome-driven pricing model. The outcome of any testing activity offers assurance of purpose readiness, e.g production readiness or market readiness. These services are pre-defined based on Wipro’s extensive experience and insight gained from multiple programs and thus ensure that your systems are business purpose ready with least possible risk and at shortened cycle times thus providing you with time-to-market or time-to-go-live advantage.

Our Services fall under three broad categories:
1. Certifications and Qualifications Testing Services
Certification services assure the product or system under test is conforms to a specific standard. Qualification services are services which assure the product or system satisfies a set of pre-defined criteria that have market or financial impact. The criteria can be modified as per specific customer's business requirements.

2. Testing Service Packs
These are pre-defined testing services which are industry and domain-specific. These services are powered by Wipro’s intellectual assets and thus ensure shorter test cycle times at service linked pricing.

3. Test Environment and Lab Services
These are asset leveraged services that help reduce or eliminate CAPEX requirements and also provide high-value, on-demand services related to lab and test environment assets. The pricing model is typically on a pay-per-use basis.

Certifications and Qualifications Testing
Testing Service Packs
Test Environment and Lab Services
“We are pleased to partner with Wipro. We are confident that Wipro’s leadership in Telecom & Independent validation services for the growing German telecommunications market will also enable our transformation journey. There is a great similarity in Wipro’s and O2`s approach towards innovation and delivery of superior experience to customers."
Carsten Wreth, Managing Director Service Technology O2 Germany.
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